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SLEEKFENCE - Where Contemporary Style Meets Security and Privacy

SLEEKFENCE is your Ultimate Destination for Modern Aluminum Fencing Solutions. Elevate your space with sleek Horizontal and Spaced Slat designs in contemporary black finishes, ensuring both privacy and style. Complete your look with premium Aluminum Gates and Pedestrian Gates.


You can completely redefine your outdoor sanctuary with SLEEKFENCE today.


Trained SLEEKFENCE Contractor


South Okanagan Fence Installation now offers SLEEKFENCE modern horizontal fencing throughout the Okanagan!

Choose from a wide variety of fencing and gating options, including Sleek Modern Fences, Aluminum Slat Fences, Horizontal Fencing, Black Fences, Contemporary Fences, Spaced Slat Fences, Horizontal Slat Fences, Black Privacy Fences, Aluminum Gates, and Pedestrian Gates.


Enhance Your Space with Pernament Beauty


Contact us today to learn more about SLEEKFENCE fencing and gating solutions.

Please fill out this form and our experienced team will contact you within 24 hours.

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